Friday, 23 November 2018

The Tree

Prompt: evil, yacht, tree

As Bertie cut down a few branches from an old tree he felt an overwhelming sense of evil and foreboding come over him. He looked around trying to sense what had caused the feeling, but the only thing that it could be from was the tree. He carried on chopping regardless and he pushed the feeling aside knowing that such things were ridiculous, trees were not evil! So, he continued until he had enough wood to make the promised toy yacht for his young nephew.
As he gathered the branches into his arms again, he felt like something bad was about to happen, and again, he brushed the warning aside, he really wasn’t one for silly superstitions.
He headed back home and spent the next few hours making the yacht ready for Charlie's visit later. As he hoped the yacht was a big hit, Charlie loved his gift so much that he headed straight upstairs to use the bath so that he could test his new toy out. Even his Uncle telling him he could only fill the bath a few inches didn’t curb his excitement.
Ten minutes passed, and Bertie headed upstairs wondering why Charlie was so quiet. He let out a yell of shock and anguish as he found his beloved nephew floating face down in the bath, the yacht sitting in the shallow water next to him.

If only Bertie could have seen the voodoo doll that lay embedded in the tree that he had so casually cut up.

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