Monday, 15 October 2018

The Storm

Prompt: it felt like the sky had fallen in.


Beth cringed as another piece of garden furniture hit hard against the window and she was surprised that it didn’t break. She closed her eyes tight and tried to pretend that the storm wasn’t happening.

The weatherman had been warning all week that a big one was coming, but they were so often wrong that preparations this time just hadn’t happened. Beth wished that she had listened to her husband, Pete when he had wanted to prep the house and evacuate.


Something else smacked against the window but this time it didn’t hold and broke. Suddenly the room was sent into a frenzy as papers and belongings were whipped around by the wind.

Beth hoped Pete had found somewhere safe to shelter. They had spoken a while ago and she had promised to leave the house and head to the local emergency shelter at the school, but she had been delayed and now it was too late to leave.

Just then the wind picked up even more and Beth could hear the house creaking. Perhaps it would be safer out there, after all, Beth thought, but too late as suddenly the ceiling began to fall in and Beth felt like the sky was falling in on her.

An hour later, Pete brought the car to an abrupt halt at the pile of rubble that had once been his house. He was really glad that Beth had relented and gone to shelter in the safety of the school as he couldn’t see anyone surviving that!

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