Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The Lying Millionaire

Prompt: He was a millionaire, but he was also a liar.

Peter walked out of the house and had to stop himself from whooping with joy. Another old couple had given him a large summed cheque for a charity that only existed on paper. And this gullible pair had handed it over to him on the first visit, it usually took three or four. Suckers!
‘Now I just need to decide how to spend this one,’ he thought, as he headed to his car. ‘Joyce needs another horse as she said her one is getting too small, but Jonny needs a new car, his one is nearly six months old. Hummmm, decisions.’

Peter was so lost in his daydreaming of spending someone else’s money that he didn’t see the car coming fast down the street as he stepped out.  The last thing he sees is the old couple’s cheque flapping in the wind, which then finally fluttered down to land on his blood-soaked distorted body.