Friday, 21 September 2018

Don't Snoop!

Prompt: a babysitter is looking around her employer’s house and finds a disturbing picture.

Jane was relieved that Billy had finally settled down for his nap and it was now time to explore. It was the best part of her job, having the opportunity to have a nose around people’s houses. She loved the insight that it gave her into their private lives. And as long as she put everything back as she found it, her employers would be none the wiser. No harm done! She worked for a high-end babysitting agency and some of the places she had worked in left her in awe of the wealth.
Jane hadn’t met Billy’s dad yet, his mum had seen her in and had left to meet her husband at the theatre, so Jane started with his office first wondering what sort of man he was and what secrets she may find.
She went straight to the bottom drawer of his desk and it held a big shock. There was a huge pile of photos all being held together by an elastic band. The top picture showed the body of a lady who had a knife sticking out of her chest. The next was of a man's severed head, his lifeless eyes seemed to be staring at Jane out from the photo. A quick flick through the rest of the pictures left Jane feeling cold and shaken. Dead people in a variety of poses. Different methods of murder on display.
What manner of a man is he? Jane wondered. And does his wife know?
Jane wanted to call the police and leave straight away but she couldn’t as she had Billy to consider, and she knew she would lose her job for snooping. Instead, she sat shaking and scared until she heard them returning. She pressed 999 on her phone so she just had to press the green button to call for help if she needed it, but the couple came in smiling and happy. They paid Jane and she left the house as quick as she could, the couple thought she was a bit weird, but Billy was safe and happy, so they were too.
The next day when Billy’s dad went into his office he realised the babysitter had been snooping in his drawer and he now knew why she had been acting so strangely. He smiled as he looked at his photos of the props that he had made for several tv shows.

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